Landscape Products

Astro Turf Landscape Grass (ATLG)

JPD L/30 U

This Turf is suitable for landscaping. With a combination of a new creation monofil yarn and curled rootzone offer you a natural looking and soft surface. It a perfect option for gardens, hotels, balcony, and roof wall, swimming pool surroundings and terrace gardens.

Key Features

  • Looks like and feels like natural grass.
  • Good performance surfaces
  • UV Resistance, anit rust, anti mildew, environmentally friendly and non fading
  • Child friendly.

JPD 40 C

This Turf is thick and lush green it is suitable for landscape, play grounds, terrace gardens balconys, swimming pool areas etc. This has a green color with brown in it. The pile height is perfect for childern's plays grounds with no worries for if a kid falls as they won't get hurt.

Key Features

  • Looks and feels like natural Grass.
  • Good performance surface
  • UV Resistance anti rust, anti mildew, environment friendly, and non fading
  • Quick water permeability
  • Child friendly.