Frequently Asked Questions


The life of JMD turf is 12 - 15 years depending on the usage and traffic.
Yes JMD Turf is Fire Resistant.
Yes it is knitted backing with Flow-thought technology drains instantly.
Yes as a matter of fact dogs love to roll around in it. Even kids love it.
Yes it is s an eco-friendly alternative to natural grass.
  • No weed killers required, because you simply don't have any weeds.
  • Chemical free
  • No aggravating and potentially dangerous allergens that are normally hosted by weeds and, for some sufferers, occur in some natural grasses.
  • No watering needed.
  • Curb your water consumption regardless of your local weather conditions.
  • It helps preserve a precious commodity and lowers your water bill.
You can treat JMD Synthetic Grass like regular grass. You can use a rake or blower to clean up leaves. To remove animal feces, you just scoop it up and wash the area with a garden hose.
Yes we have warranty in all our products from 5 years to 8 depends on which one you choose.
Friction burns were caused on Astroturf commercial pitches in the past. However, the manufacture of artificial grass has come a long way since the early days of all weather pitches. Different materials are used that are far less likely to cause burns when falling or sliding.
Yes, it is UV stable and designed to be left outside all year without rotting or fading. The average estimated lifespan of our grass is 10 years with heavy use outdoor.
Our product is designed with vertical drainage to prevent the build-up of water.
The sand infill has two purposes. It helps the strands stand up straighter on longer pile grasses and it holds the grass in place without the need for adhesive or nails when placing on an aggregate base. JMD Turf Synthetic Grass is normally laid on an aggregate base where natural lawn is being replaced.